IWAS is a Think Tank!

We deal in IR, Security, War, Economics and much more.
But we also engage with students and the scholarly community by providing Educational Field Trips, Language learning, RESEARCH, Data Analysis, membership.
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How do we work?

We work with students, institutions, colleges, universities and organizations.

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email: contact@i-was.org

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Technology & Innovation

We partner with local communities, think tanks, NGOs, government bodies and individuals from around the World

We intend to leverage IT to deliver close to you. But we also understand the value of physical presence.

Our programs are open to all age groups and educational backgrounds


By nurturing relationships with likeminded organizations and private individuals, we're able to spread social science and International Relations education for popular and Academic interest.


two person standing on gray tile paving
two person standing on gray tile paving


Is shaping our education policies with a post-graduate in “Interdisciplinary studies of development” in Cauca University of Colombia-pursuing

Graduated professional in International Relations with complement’s in Political Science from the Portal Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

He has worked in different sectors and areas of the industry in several countries such as Germany, Colombia, Spain, Brazil and Israel.


He is pursuing MA in Political Science

With a background in Political Science and Engineering from Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Jay designs course and handles outreach functions

three person holding beverage cups
three person holding beverage cups

“War is a matter not so much of arms as of money.”

– Thucydides