IWAS was founded on September 21, 2021 in Mumbai Metropolitan Region's Panvel. It is located in Raigad district(formerly Kolaba) of Maharashtra state in India. Maharashtra has more than 350 fortresses and many more fortifications. Raigad has more than 25 forts. These include those perched upon hilltops, or within the confines of urban spaces or the sea forts, which were a precursor to coast batteries. The Raigad Fort is among the most prominent. It is here that Shivaji was crowned as a King. Shivaji Bhonsale (better known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) was a warrior king and a pioneer of guerilla and mountain warfare in 17th century India. Shivaji fought his way to earn his kingdom and Raigad Fort was built by his engineer Hiroji Indulkar as the citadel of his nascent kingdom.

IWAS operates out of these hills where Shivaji once fought. Our partners operate from several locations.

While we serve all over India we have partnered with several organizations beyond borders.