Society for International Affairs

IWAS in partnership with Society for International Affairs, has created the "Society for International Affairs(SIA) Chapters" as society/fraternity for students, scholars, enthusiasts and educators of International Relations.

It shall enhance the quality of education of International Relations and advance the understanding of the discipline.

We invite colleges, universities and organizations to establish SIA chapters on campus. A plethora of support and enabling ecosystem is provided to enable students, academics.

About SIA

Providing lectures and courses to students to enhance interest and understanding of International Relations and Global Economy.

Providing educators to speak and mentor students and members

Hosting activities and events for students

Enabling educational exchange and visits across countries and geographies.

Enabling access to higher education in the field of IR


We are for you

We would provide specialists and experts to visit your campus and enable students and faculty.

This would improve the quality of education and provide you a society/club for students where IR and language learning would be supported.

Members shall gain access to other institutions and organizations around the world.

Academics and Co curricular

Learning by experiencing and interacting

We help our members experience society, politics, culture in different locales. SIA enables international internships and helps students publish their creativity

Young Diplomats provides them international exposure and provides space at their local SIA chapter to think broad and opens possibilities for the participants

flat lay photography of camera, book, and bag
flat lay photography of camera, book, and bag

We enable students to move away from rote based learning and towards practice, experience based learning.

Our pedagogy involves reducing stress and going slow. This provides an atmosphere where students intuitiveness allows discovery and originality

aerial view of city buildings during daytime
aerial view of city buildings during daytime

“The best way to learn is with peers who observe you and mentors who guide”