Introduction to the different IR Theories with a focus on Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism.

History of the discipline of IR and how the historical events far precede any modern theory.

A2. Introduction to China

National security or national defence is the security and defence of a nation state, including all its constituents. But the security apparatus and the diplomatic corps are only two aspects out of many that a state regulates or controls.

The course shall introduce basics of National Security Concepts and case studies of states posing threat to other states.

Security, per se, is a broad discipline that includes human and climate security, as well. We shall introduce the participants to theories of Defence and Strategic studies and link them to current geopolitical events.

United States continues to be the richest and most power nation with the worlds most successful corporation, technologies, free markets, top universities and the most powerful military.

It has played a significant role in determining the last 100 years of World History. We shall see how US went about with its interaction with the rest of the World

A1. Introduction to International Relations

A3. Israel & Middle Eastern Politics

A4. Introduction to War as a Political Activity and its History in Human Species

B1. National Security

B2. Foreign Policy of the United States

B3. Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

An Introduction to the largest(most populous) state in the world. How its History has impacted the world and how the government rules over a population of more than a billion humans. A nation on the move that poses challenge and opportunities.

Chinese Society and businesses shall be introduced. There shall be classes on basic Chinese language

Middle East has remained the most interesting Political, Sociological and even economical place in the world. A region at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe this where the first human civilization rose around Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

It has witnesses the Arab- Israeli conflict, the Oil boom and rise of GCC as a power center. Iran remains a strong non-Arab and culturally influential player region.

In this course we shall study the history of this region and understand how societies have transformed and states born and reborn

Terrorism remains a major challenge and to humans and a threat to states.

We shall study the origins and interpretation of terrorism and terror organizations, studying 4 cases and seeing the spread of modern day terror.

Is there an end? What is the role of sponsoring states and why do they get away?

War has touched every human society and has been a constant in human myths, religion, history and modern world.

Are humans by biological design programmed to fight wars? Are wars a mere extension of political decisions and maneuvers ?

In this course we shall look at the history of warfare and see the WWI and WWII as major human catastrophes. We shall study how different armed forces have evolved in modern times.

ILE. International Liberal Education

A program for school students to learn and understand the world around us.

Students shall study International Relations, World History, Economics, War, Security and Global Issues

Students shall be introduced to Foreign languages and the World